He'll Make A Backpacker Out Of Me!

At almost four years in Hawaii, my husband Chris and I had yet to go on a backpacking trip—but all that was about to change. We had just purchased a professional backpacking tent and it was time to put that thing to good use. The only problem was, I’d never been backpacking before (read: not a professional.)

Hiking? Yes, we went all the time.

Camping? Sure.

But climbing a mountain while carrying camping gear? I have to admit, I was skeptical about the idea.

Yet there I was, standing at the trailhead of a mountain with a 30-pound bag strapped to my back. I was tempted to question all my life decisions, but the sun was shining and my man was grinning like the fun, adventurer that he is, so off we went.

I loved it!

But not right away.

The first 30 minutes were pretty stop-and-go as I adjusted straps and resituated weight to get my balance right. Then there was the sweat—so little time on the trail and so much sweat! But the fresh air, the burn in my legs, and the feeling of accomplishment after conquering a tough area of the trail was somehow outweighing the negative.

We made it to the summit just in time to witness the most spectacular sunset and then feasted on an unhealthy amount of instant noodles. When we couldn't keep our eyes open another second, we climbed into our sparkly new tent with the filthiest feet you could imagine.

My maiden voyage was filled with literally all the feels and I can’t wait to get out there again soon.

Probably this weekend.