February Happenings

February kept me on my toes - a combination of work, non-profit volunteer obligations, and a few side hustles made it a month to remember in terms of lack of free time. I haven’t been that busy in a long time and it was humbling. Thinking back now, it was a good way to start the year. It pushed me to refocus on my time management skills and I'm looking forward to sharing a few productivity tips that I've discovered soon!

Even though it was a cray-cray month, the weekends provided some much-needed moments of relief thanks to off-island visitors and friends. So I want to recap and share some of those wonderful faces we got to see this last month and memories we made - because it definitely brought a lot of joy to my month.

Super Bowl Weekend with Mom & Dad Simons

My in-laws come visit every February for just a weekend. It's such a short trip, but a perfect, refreshing dose of family time. We love these lazy weekends spent eating, sitting at the beach, and catching up. 

This particular trip we all stayed down in Waikiki and played too much Exploding Kittens (if you haven't played it, you should!). We also had the chance to venture up to the North Shore to check out the winter swell, eat acai bowls, and watch breaching whales. This was all during Super Bowl weekend, and even though our beloved Seahawks weren't playing this year, it was fun cheering for Payton Manning...and eating lots of junk food, of course.

Horinouchi’s come to town

It was wonderful to have our dear friends Serena and Jason come back for a visit. These two were some of our first friends here on Oahu so we were sad to see them move back to the mainland a few years ago. 


These are the type of friends who you can be away from for a year, but when you see each other it's like no time has passed at all. I love that; and we are extra excited for these two since they'll be welcoming a sweet little monkey into the world in just a few weeks!

A Salty Afternoon

Hanging out with our favorite North Shore peeps is always a good time, even if it's just for an afternoon. It was crowded at this beach when we first arrived, but after cruising on the rocks for a bit things cleared up and we had the swimming hole (almost) to ourselves. My ideal Sunday afternoon!

beach day - this creative pursuit

Kauai Island Hoppers

It's weird how small the world is. Chris and Chris went to elementary school together back in Florida way back when, so it's pretty cool that they both ended up in Hawaii all these years later. 


Friends in Hawaii - this creative pursuit

Logan and Chris are really wonderful and we often wish they lived here on Oahu instead of Kauai. Then again, they're a great excuse to hop over to one of our favorite islands. We love adventuring around the island - any island - with these two.


P.S. Probably goes without saying, but thanks to my in-house photographer for all the nice pics!