Welcome to the fam, Bees-Louise!

I moved my face closer to the laptop screen, re-reading the email and waiving my hands excitedly at Christopher. I was sitting on the lumpy hide-a-bed couch of our Airbnb in Milan, Italy. Our hosts had just gone to bed so I did my best to keep my voice low.

“They have a litter due soon and the puppies will be ready right after we get back!”

I’d spent a lot of time over the last week researching puppy breeders and had finally found the right one. Chris and I had dreamed of getting a dog for a long time, but it had never been a possibility until now. Soon we would be back on the mainland US and have just the right amount of free time to devote to a puppy.

“So, should we do it?” I asked, looking up from the screen to where Chris sat.

He smiled and threw me an air high-five from across the room.

As I typed up a response to the breeder, I couldn’t help but think back to all the times over the last five years that Chris and I had talked about getting a canine companion. The topic seemed to come up a lot when we were off adventuring. Out in the fresh Hawaiian air, happy couples and their happy pooches were around ever corner, and all we could think about was how fun it would be to have a pup of our own to join us on adventures and in our daily life. 

Of course, reality eventually set in and we were forced to admit that a dog wasn’t possible at the time - not only did we live in a house roughly the size of a large closet, our landlord had a strict policy against pets. So we carefully packed that dream away for another day and instead became expert “can I pet your dog?” people.

I hit send on the email and leaned back into bed, shifting a few times before I could find a comfortable spot. That night I hardly noticed the loud Italians in the courtyard below or the way our rickety hide-a-bed slanted to one side: we were getting a puppy!

Golden retriever puppy

Flash forward three months to December 2016 and we were turning off a long road onto a large farm. Both Chris and I let out a noise not unlike a pig squealing as we noticed two 7-week old pups standing on the barn porch, staring in our direction. We were taking one of those pups home!

Our breeder smiled as she scooped up and unceremoniously dropped a wiggly little golden retriever into Chris’ arms and then handed the other little loaf to me. An hour later I watched the farm disappear in our rear view mirror as we headed toward home with the cutest little puppy sleeping on my lap.

Now, I’m not exaggerating when I say that our puppy is seriously adorable. I have proof. Go ahead and take a moment to freak out about how cute this puppy is. 

Golden retriever puppy
Golden retriever puppy
Golden retriever puppy
Golden retriever puppy
Golden retriever puppy

We named her Beesly after the quirky but likable character from one of our favorite shows, The Office. I'm not sure what she named us, but these days it’s probably something like “human who picks up my poop and gives me treats” and “human who is always squeezing me to death and who also gives me treats.”

Having Beesly around these last two months has been so much fun - she's made transitioning back to the mainland and saying goodbye to our traveling adventure much easier. Her wild attitude keeps us busy and makes us laugh all the time. She’s the perfect mix of smart and stupid, and in traditional golden fashion, wants to be friends with everyone. 

This puppy has officially turned Chris and I into those annoying people who obsess over their dog. We really are the worst. But as those of you who have a slobbery four-legged friend can attest, there's nothing better than your dog.

Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong. - W.R. Purche

Hey, remember how I said we're really annoying puppy people? I wasn't kidding. We started an Instagram page for Beesly and we post there all the time. So if you like daily doses of cute puppy pictures (and really, who doesn't?), come follow along.